Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Adalynn is a sweet and sassy little girl who loves animals! She especially loves her kitty cats. When she's not modeling, you can find her reading, doing puzzles, climbing, painting, coloring, or riding her scooter! 

Addison is a sweet, smart, and sassy little girl. She loves babies, shoes, her big brother, and food!


Brynlee has the sweetest soul and knows no stranger. She wants attention from any and everyone, and loves taking pictures. She an accessory queen and can’t go anywhere without a bow and jewelry.


Giuliana is a sweet, smart, loving, And super happy little babe! But, don’t let that sweet smile fool you, this little peanut is as sassy as they come! Giuls loves her doggie (Oakley), her big brother (Gino), and she LOVES to watch Mother Goose Club! Giuliana can light up a room with her little smile and she is definitely the princess of the family 💕


Haley Belle is the sweetest little 4 year old. She has the biggest heart and is so kind to everyone. She is a sassy little diva who never stops talking. She is the best big sister to Riley and her pup, Pixie! She loves dressing up and wants to be a teacher when she grows up!

Hilltyn is a true toddler fashionista. She has such a fun and sweet personality. She is obsessed with Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and her Bitty Baby. 

Layklei is the baby of the family but thinks she is the big sister and in charge. She makes sure her voice is known!

Presleigh is the most loving little girl! She has the best sense of humor and keeps us laughing! Presleigh is a little daredevil who loves to scare mommy! She loves her brother and dog Sadie. Her nickname is honeybun because that’s her favorite food. She ALWAYS has a necklace, bow, and shoes on! She is our little Valentine miracle❤️


Presley Rey is sassy, smart, and has the sweetest most unique personality there is! She is always smiling no matter what. Absolutely loves her dog & lets us know who the boss is around the house! There is never a dull moment with our princess ❤️
Riley Rae is such a joy and is always giving the best hugs and smiles! She watches everything her big sister does and wants to be just like her! Her dog, Pixie, is her favorite thing in the world! We can’t wait to watch her come into her own little personality even more! 

Shelby is a sweet, sassy, smart, stubborn princess who loves FOOD, babies, her older brother, FOOD, her pets, her bed, and did I mention FOOD?

Skylei is attending her first year of Pre-School and does tap and ballet!

Sophia is a sweet, smart, sassy and spirited child! Some of her favorite things are Rapunzel, chocolate, animals, her babies and doing everything her three big brothers are doing. She loves dressing up and is mommy's best friend!

Zoey is a happy, spunky, fun loving princess. She loves her big brother, animals and being the center of attention! ❤

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